Posted on December 16, 2016
What’s Topping Our Crazy, Teched-Out Christmas Wish List

This year at Insurance Jack, we’ve been oh-so-good. We’ve helped lots of Canadians quickly and easily compare insurance rates and find the right coverage within their budgets. It’s no secret we love using technology to make insurance a little simpler, so we’ve got some tech toys our wish list to help make our lives a little easier. 

1. Nest Indoor Camera

So we can keep an eye on things at home 24/7 from our phones.  It detects sound and motion so it will tell us when someone’s at home, even when they shouldn’t be. Check it our here.

2. Robotic Vacuum

A smart one would be great so we can use our phones to remotely tell it when to start cleaning. Check it out here. 

3.  A Smart Thermostat

Then we could control our home’s temperature from our phones. It would also help us save on energy by learning what temperature our homes needs to be and when to adjust. Check it out here.

4. A State-of-the-Art Garage Door Opener

We could open our garage doors remotely with our smartphones to allow for a delivery or let our neighbour borrow the shovel (again). Check it out here.

5. A Dashboard Camera

You never know when you need to record unexpected moments. This one acts as a GPS, a dash cam, and it has lane departure and forward collision warnings. Check it out here.

6. A Tesla

Okay, we know this one is a bit of a stretch, but we’ve been really, really, good this year. We even promise not to even use the autopilot feature until there are clear laws and an awesome insurance policy to go along with them. Check it out here.

We realize that’s quite the list, so we’ll understand if Santa can’t deliver. Really, the only important thing on our list this year is a safe and happy holiday season for Insurance Jack and all of our clients. 

Happy Holidays! What’s on your list?

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