Posted on August 07, 2018
What is High-Risk Insurance and Who Needs It?

If you’re an unlucky driver with previous driving convictions, claims, tickets or license suspensions, you may find that you're getting turned away by insurance companies.  Frequent claims or even a small set of speeding or traffic tickets can put you in a bad spot when it comes to insurance and will most likely place you in high-risk category that requires you to get High-Risk Auto Insurance.

However, being categorized as high-risk doesn't always have to focus around driving as homeowners can face the same challenges as well with things like gaps in coverage, or too much distance between you and your investment property, old wiring, etc.

Our friends over at Economical Insurance have put together a great article showing how high risk insurance (also known as non-standard coverage) exists for people who aren’t eligible for coverage from standard insurance companies. Learn more about high-risk insurance at

And don't forget to contact us with any insurance or claims related questions you may have.

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