The Best Way to Tackle Spring Cleaning
March 31, 2022

The Best Way to Tackle Spring Cleaning

At Insurance Jack, we know there’s no place like your home. That’s why we’re actually a little excited that spring cleaning season has arrived Love it or hate it, it’s the perfect time to let in a little light and fresh air and get rid of a little dirt, grime, and junk in preparation for all those upcoming barbecues and parties. Trust us, you want to tackle all this now and not on those hot, cloudless, perfect summer weather days ahead.

Consider Clutter First

Why would you clean something you’ll be getting rid of anyways? That’s the kind of #InsuranceJackLifeHack logic we’re into. Start with surfaces in high traffic areas because they’re always like magnets for clutter. Save more involved areas like closets for a rainy day when you can’t do much else. In the end, you might find it more than a little satisfying to purge what you no longer need. And don’t forget to use the opportunity to sell valuable items for extra cash or donate items that can still be used by others.

Strategize: Take on a Little at a Time

It’s super easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged when taking on a big project like cleaning and decluttering your entire space. That’s why we recommend tackling a bit at a time. Start with a plan that breaks everything down into manageable chunks, whether that’s one room at a time or one smaller task every day.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space

It’s been woefully neglected since that last warm day in fall, so it’s time to show a little love to your yard or balcony. Your cleaning needs will vary depending on your space, but a quick sweep for garbage and cleaning any furniture will do you some good. Take the opportunity to look at your windows from the outside for any cracks or other damage that may have occurred over the winter. You can also start to assess what your gardening needs will be in the coming weeks.

So whether you’re cleaning your condo, your mansion, or your parent’s basement (no judgment), Insurance Jack wants to help keep the things that matter most looking and working their best. We also want to help protect those things with insurance. Did you know Insurance Jack doesn’t just offer car insurance? We offer home insurance too! Learn how we can help keep you comfortable with our home coverage options.

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