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December 1, 2016

Insurance Jack Life Hack: Holiday Shopping Tips

If you’re reading this, we trust you made it out of Black Friday shopping relatively unharmed. Did you complete your list, or are you still looking for that perfect gift? If you’ve still got a ways to go, we’ve got some #insurancejacklifehacks that will help you finish and have your feet up with a cup of hot cocoa in no time.

Think Local + Think Less

We all have a lot of stuff. It can become overwhelming at times, the amount of stuff we have. This holiday season, consider giving someone an experience instead of a thing. As an added bonus, use it as an opportunity to support your local economy.

A gift card to an amazing local restaurant they’ve been meaning to try; a dance/cooking/art/language class with your municipality or local artisan; a gift card to a Mom & Pop shop they love. The options are limitless and the rewards are great. You might not get the biggest reaction when you give it to them, but they’ll be thinking of you and thanking you when they go to use your gift.

Have You Tried Online?

It couldn’t be easier in this day and age to finish your shopping list. A couple clicks, a little typing, and purchases shows up at your door. Plus, no lines, no fighting for parking spots, and no Christmas music (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

We love online shopping so much, we wrote a whole blog on tips and tricks. Check it out here, then log on to finish that list.

When in Doubt, Follow the Rule of Three

You’ll find different versions everywhere, but the rule generally goes like this: get them one thing they need, one thing they want, and one thing they’ll wear.

This rule is great for keeping gifts on the practical side by giving recipients a mix of things they’ll use and enjoy. Plus, it’s flexible within any budget. Let’s face it, it’s easy to go overboard around the holidays, so it can be helpful to follow a simple guideline that keeps gift-giving both thoughtful and realistic.

If you run out of gift ideas, you know what’s always free and only takes a few seconds?: An online quote from Insurance Jack

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