Insurance Jack Life Hack: Free Date Night Ideas
April 10, 2017

Insurance Jack Life Hack: Free Date Night Ideas

Don’t get us wrong, we love a big night out or an amazing meal, but sometimes it feels just as good and just as fun to save a little. Here are 3 ideas for your next date night (and zero involve Netflix & chill).

Game Night

Time to get a little competitive. Round up whatever board games you can find (ones you already have or can borrow). Sometimes the cheesier and simpler, the better, like snakes and ladders, Candyland, or Sorry. Or you could go for a classic like Monopoly or Yahtzee.

Whether it’s your fourth date or four hundredth, we think this makes a great activity because it encourages play and interaction and won’t leave you both staring at a screen in silence. Plus, it’ll make you both feel like kids again which everyone can use now and again. This one also works as a double date option.

Youtube DJ

This is a really easy one. Here’s how it works: pull up Youtube (or any music app with a huge catalogue). Decide who will go first and that person picks whatever song they want. When the song’s over, it’s the next person’s turn. Then you just go back and forth. It’s sounds super simple, but it’s a great bonding activity because what’s more personal than someone’s musical taste? We guarantee you’ll have tons of laughs and we bet you’ll discover things about the other person you didn’t know. Try it!

Take a Hike

We recommended this as part of our How to Enjoy Winter blog and think it’s a great activity in any season. It’s free, good exercise, and it gets you closer to nature and your date. Like game night, this date idea gets the two of you active and doing something while still interacting, which is great for couples at any stage of a relationship.  Whether it’s an urban trek, waterfront walk, or an Ontario trail adventure, we’re certain you can find something to suit both of you. 

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