Posted on August 31, 2016
Insurance Jack Life Hack: 3 Ways to Start Fall on the Right Foot

After a summer of long weekends, BBQs, and taking it easy in general, September is the perfect time to reset your routine and start fresh. Even if you’re not headed back to school, here are 3 super easy ways to ease out of summer and start fall on the right foot. 

1. Meal Planning and Prep

It’s as simple as starting with a list of groceries and weekly meals. You can go old-fashioned, low-tech with pen and paper or try a shopping list app like AnyList or Flipp (bonus points for shopping lists + coupons and flyer deals). If you plan ahead, you’ll be less likely to make last minute poor choices for convenience’s sake. 

The same goes for brining a lunch to work. Try planning dinners that travel well as work lunches the next day. You’ll be making two meals in one and saving money when you don’t have to buy lunch. Check out this list of 17 dinners that make great next-day leftovers.

2. Set a Routine (and Stick to it)

Get in the swing of a healthy new routine. Start by getting the sleep you need with a consistent bedtime. With weeknight patio dinners and cottage weekends, summer has a great way of seducing us out of our regular routines. Get back on track and get those much-needed 8 hours

3. Set a Financial Goal and Start Saving

What’s your next big purchase? A new car? A dream vacation? Or just trying to build a nest egg? Whatever your ambitions, September is the perfect time to start saving. 

Apps like Mint can help you manage your money and track spending across multiple accounts to help you see where your money goes and reach those financial goals. 

Now is also a great time to revisit monthly bills and shop around if contracts are set to expire soon. Try comparing car insurance rates on the Insurance Jack website. It only takes a few seconds, and you can hunt for the best rate for you. 

What’s your favourite life hack for starting fresh in September?  
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