Insurance Jack Life Hack: 3 Easy Ways to be a Better and Safer Driver
May 5, 2020

Insurance Jack Life Hack: 3 Easy Ways to be a Better and Safer Driver

Obviously having a great driving record is good for your safety and wellbeing, but it can also be good for your insurance premiums (clean driving record can easily equal better rates). It’s time to head back to basics with our guide to being a better citizen of the road.

Get Your Beauty Rest

A lack of sleep can seriously affect your ability to keep your focus on the road. It can be compared to drunk driving because lack of adequate sleep can slow reaction time, decrease awareness, and impair judgment (Canadian Safety Council). So don’t underestimate the importance of getting your beauty rest and seriously reconsider before you decide to get behind the wheel overtired.

Limit Distractions

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: no cell phones! They’re oh-so tempting, but can also be incredibly dangerous on the road. Plus, who wants to face a fine of $490 if you’re caught distracted driving? We can think of so many better ways to spend that money.

Put your device on silent and place it out of view so you won’t be as inclined to look at it. If you’re using your phone as a GPS, get a secure mounting device and have a look at your route before you leave.

Keep it Calm

Here’s one driving factor you probably don’t think of very often: your mood. It’s really easy to get agitated while driving. The list of unpleasant scenarios is endless: someone stealing your parking spot, getting cut off, or drivers who don’t follow the right of way.

Road rage is a real problem. Most people are not at their peak driving abilities or thinking clearly when they start seeing red. So if you don’t already have one, it’s time to find a personal technique for dealing with stress behind the wheel. Whether it’s calming music, counting to ten, a relaxation word/phrase, or controlled breathing, all you need is something that can help you calm down during moments of tension. 

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