If Your Car Could Talk, What Would it Say?
July 15, 2019

If Your Car Could Talk, What Would it Say?

With voice guided and activated in-car systems, many vehicles already have the ability to talk. While this may be scary at first, it’s something most people fall in love with over time. It’s like having your own personal assistant when you are behind the wheel.  

But what if your vehicle could give you feedback on your driving? What if it could tell you a thing or two about maintenance?

This may sound like something out of a science fiction book, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Instead, think about the things that your car may be able to say. This could help you improve the way you drive, your approach to maintenance, and how you are spending your money. 

Here are five things your car would say if it could actually talk:

1. When was the last time you changed my oil?

If you don’t understand the importance of regular oil changes, this article will change your mind forever.

One of the best things you can do for your car is change the oil as suggested by the manufacturer. Neglecting to do so will shorten the life of your engine, eventually costing you a lot of money in the future.

2. When was the last time you rotated my tires?

This doesn’t sound important, but it goes a long way in extending the life of your tires. Along with this, it is a big deal from a safety perspective. Just the same as oil changes, follow the instructions outlined by the tire manufacturer.

Tip: your mechanic can inspect your tires to tell you if they need rotated.

3. Why are you driving so fast?

It can be fun to “push the limit” from time to time, but all those fast starts and stops take a toll on your vehicle. If you want to be a better friend to your car, drive the speed limit while doing your best to avoid fast accelerations and sudden stops.

4. Please, Wash Me!

Don’t have the time to wash your car by hand? No problem. Stop by a local car wash, throw a few dollars into the machine, and sit back and relax. Within a matter of minutes your vehicle will be looking shiny and new.

Remember this: salt and other road debris can accumulate on your vehicle over time. If you don’t wash it off, it can have a negative effect on the paint. Wait too long and the body of your vehicle may begin to rust.

5. I’m Not Afraid of the Vacuum

While your dog may be scared at the sound of a vacuum, this is like music to your car’s ears. From candy wrappers to Cheerios, the interior of your vehicle has a way of getting dirty with time. This is particularly true if you have children and/or transport a lot of people on a regular basis. It only takes a few minutes to vacuum the interior of your car. Make it a habit to do this every time you wash the exterior.

There may come a time in the future when your car can give you suggestions on how to better care for it. Until then, we have to use our imagination! 

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