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February 13, 2017

How Often Should You Shop Around for Car Insurance Quotes?

It’s pretty common sense—getting a new insurance quote will ensure your rates are based on the most up-to-date factors. At Insurance Jack, we say there’s no harm in finding out your options so that you’re ready when your yearly renewal time comes around. Here’s why we think you should be looking at your insurance options every six months to a year.

Life Changes

A lot can happen in a year. Home ownership, marriage, new address, different job commute can potentially affect your rates. These are just a few reasons shopping around annually or bi-annually may be a good idea.  

The World Changes

New laws, new statistics in your area, even the weather—it can all have an effect on your rates. It could be for the better, but you’ll never know unless you get quotes from insurance providers.

Time Changes

Each year it’s a given that you’ll get older and your vehicle’s value will probably depreciate. These are just two factors that can have an effect on your auto insurance rates. Also, traffic violations like speeding tickets only stay on your record for a period of time. If that period of time is up, you may see a change in your rates.

It’s Easy & Free to Get Quotes

In the time it takes to brew coffee, Insurance Jack can get you hassle-free quotes and compare insurance rates across multiple insurers. So what have you got to lose?

Now finish that coffee and check out your insurance options online. Feel free to call us! We’d be happy to discuss your quotes in further detail: 1-888-268-2408

When’s the last time you compared insurance rates?

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