Heavy Rainfall Warning! Protect Your Home Inside And Out
November 5, 2018

Heavy Rainfall Warning! Protect Your Home Inside And Out

Fall rains might keep you indoors, but the rainy season also brings an opportunity to get your house ready for the winter months ahead. It’s a great time to take care of your home inside and out, and these fall home maintenance tips will have you ready for winter before you know it!

Outdoor maintenance

  • Check your gutters. When your gutters don’t drain correctly, it can lead to all kinds of problems, including leaks in your roof and damage to your foundation. Be sure to clear the leaves and other debris out of your gutters, but be careful—if you plan on climbing up on a ladder, have a friend or family member keep the ladder steady.
  • Inspect your roof. Look for loose shingles, broken panels around vents and chimney damage. Contact a professional for repairs.
  • Have a look at your foundation and walkways. Look for cracks in concrete slabs, and fill them in with a concrete crack filler if necessary. Make sure all walkways, driveways and other concrete surfaces drain away from the foundation.

Indoor maintenance

When rainy weather keeps you indoors, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can keep busy when the rain falls, like taking care of these essential indoor cleaning jobs.

  • Replace your HVAC filters. A dirty filter reduces energy efficiency and may cause your system to wear out more quickly.
  • Test smoke and fire alarms. Replace batteries if necessary, and don’t forget to check your carbon monoxide detectors as well.
  • Ensure your plumbing is in good working condition. Homeowners are responsible for the plumbing from the property line to inside the home. The City is responsible for the public portion of the service line.
  • Hire a licensed plumber to install a backwater valve and a properly-sized sump pump and piping. Ensure the proper and regular maintenance of basement flooding devices in your home.
  • Consider installing shelves to help keep items off the floor in your basement. Also, avoid keeping valuables or important documents in the basement. If you do, keep them in a watertight/water-resistant container.
  • Dispose of small amounts of cooking oil and grease in your green bin, not down the drain, which can cause a drain blockage.
  • Avoid flushing objects down the toilet, such as tampons, kitty litter, razor blades, non-biodegradable products, etc., which can block the sanitary pipe.

Don’t let the rainy season get you down! This is the perfect time to dive into all your fall cleaning and home repair tasks. So, when the winter comes, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy. And make sure to contact Insurance Jack with any home insurance or claims related questions you may have.

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