Get You and Your Kids ‘Back to School’ Ready
August 10, 2022

Get You and Your Kids ‘Back to School’ Ready

As summer vacation comes to an end, the new school year is about to begin but before you breakout the backpacks and the pencils, you need to ask yourself – are you and your child fully ready for transition from play to work? Here are a few tips to consider and help you and your family ready for back-to-school.

1. Get your child into the back-to-school routine.

During the summer months, staying up late and sleeping in are the norm. But as the start of school gets close, children need to get back into a routine. About three weeks before school starts, have your child go to bed 15 minutes earlier at night and get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Increase this by 15 minutes each week leading up to the first day of school and your child should feel more refreshed and less likely to sleep in!

2. Prepare the supplies.

Depending on your child’s grade level, the types of supplies needed will vary. Either contact the school directly to find out what materials are required or make a list of relevant supplies and take a trip to the store a few weeks before school starts to beat the last-minute rush!

3. Get all the details and information about your child’s school.

Whether your child is returning to the same school or starting at a new one, it’s always a good idea to get the lowdown on any changes surrounding the school.

  • Is there a new principal?
  • Who are your child’s teachers?
  • Do classes start and end the same time as last year?

4. The First Day!

When the first day of school has arrived go with your child (if possible) and take a few minutes introduce yourself to the teachers. As your child settles into his/her classroom, you can have a quick conversation with the teacher to find out who he or she is and they should also be able to provide a copy of a lesson plan or syllabus of what will be taught in class. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you and the teachers should work together for the benefit and growth of your child.

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