Posted on August 01, 2017
Fun and Safe Summer Fires

From camping to cottages to backyard cookouts, sitting around the fire is a much-loved summer activity. But as professional insurance brokers, we can’t help but think about prevention and perils (yes, even when it comes to summer fun). Luckily, a night of s’mores and songs can easily be enjoyed safely as long as you’re prepared, knowledgeable, and vigilant. Here are a few simple tips to improve your fire safety this summer.

Know the Law

Before starting a fire, make sure you check local laws. They can differ everywhere and some municipalities do not even allow open air burning. You should always check with your local fire department for restrictions, instructions, and permits.

Have the Necessities on Hand

For safety, you should always keep a bucket of water close by and supervise your fire at all times. Never leave a fire without putting it out completely ( It also always helps to be prepared, so having a fire extinguisher or fire blanket on hand isn’t bad idea. Make sure you have the number of the local fire department handy as well. Should something happen, you could end up being very thankful for any time being prepared saves you.

Right Time, Right Place

Don’t forget to check your area for burn bans and restrictions as conditions can change from day to day. The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs recommend that camping or cottage fires be built on bare soil or exposed rock and that you should remove leaves and twigs from around the area to keep fire from spreading.

St. John’s Ambulance also recommends that you build your fire downwind from your belongings or tent if you’re camping. They also recommend building your fire at least three metres away from standing trees, stumps, and logs, and at least 15 metres away from forest debris and buildings.

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