Flooding At Your Home Or Business? Here Are A Few Tips To Protect From Further Damage
February 27, 2018

Flooding At Your Home Or Business? Here Are A Few Tips To Protect From Further Damage

Floods are the most frequent natural hazards in Canada, and the most costly in terms of property damage. Floods can occur anywhere, in rural areas or in cities. They can occur at any time of the year and are most often caused by heavy rainfall, or rapid melting of snow and ice.

There are a number of ways to help you avoid or minimize flood damage to your property, but what if you’re already under water?

Here are a few tips to help protect your property from further damage or loss (only if it is safe to do so):

  • Clean up as soon as possible. Seek professional advice from a disaster restoration company like CRCS – DKI (https://crcsdk.com/) on how to clean up and take whatever reasonable steps you can to minimize further damage to your property.
  • Take photographs or video of your damaged property to give to your insurance broker.
  • Don’t throw anything out. Store damaged items in a reasonably safe place so a claims adjuster can see them when he or she arrives.
  • Have any appliances that have come in contact with water checked by a qualified electrician before you use them.
  • Do not touch any electrical systems or panels until you know it is safe to do so, especially in wet or damp conditions.
  • Move damaged belongings to a dry area with good ventilation.
  • Keep track of cleaning expenses – they are considered part of the insurance claim.

Remember, use extreme caution and do not return to your home or business until authorities have advised that it is safe to do so. Your electrical panel must be cleaned, dried, and tested by a qualified electrician to ensure that it is safe. Flood water can be heavily contaminated with sewage and other pollutants that can cause sickness and infections. You will also have to watch out for any holes in the floors, broken glass and other potentially dangerous debris.

This blog is intended for informational purposes only. Contact your insurance agent for expert advice. Contact Insurance Jack at 1-888-268-2408 or help@insurancejack.com

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