Easy Ways to Make Rainy Days Feel Like a Summer Vacation
July 16, 2017

Easy Ways to Make Rainy Days Feel Like a Summer Vacation

July is already in full swing, but for some of us in Southern Ontario, it still feels like summer hasn’t even begun. The sunny days and soaring temps that we always hope for just haven’t shown up yet. Instead, we’ve seen plenty of rain, thunderstorms and dark little clouds on our weather apps. So we figured, instead of cancelling our beach day, picnic, and pool lounging plans, we thought we’d make our own fun and share some ideas on how to make the most of rainy summer days.

Tour Your Town

Don’t let a few raindrops ruin your plans. Take advantage of a weekend close to home and check out some local attractions that are fun no matter what the forecast holds. Make a day of shopping at small local businesses, touring a nearby brewery, heading to a gallery or museum, or checking out a play or event. You’re sure to have a great time rain or shine. 

Make Your Own Ice Cream

There is no rule that says it needs to be hot out to enjoy ice cream. Now is the perfect time to try out making your own. Trust us, it’s easier than you think and you can customize or create your own flavours to suit your taste. Start by trying one of these or these. Want another cool option? Try making some frosé for a fancy frozen adult beverage. 

Living Room Karaoke

Outdoor concert get rained out? Create one in your living room instead with you, your friends, and family as the headliners. You can easily rent karaoke machines and microphones from a party equipment rental company or music store. Alternatively, you can go the more DIY route and pair your phone with an app that broadcasts to your TV and search Youtube for karaoke videos. The only other thing you need is an expensive wireless microphone with built-in speakers and you’re set.

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