A Twister, a Twister! Do You Know What to Do?
June 30, 2017

A Twister, a Twister! Do You Know What to Do?

Other than snow storms, we often think we’re safe in Ontario from the worst of extreme weather. But we recently got a reminder that serious weather events can happen close to home. On Saturday, June 18, Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch and tornado warning for parts of southern Ontario. The warnings were eventually dropped by about 10PM, and the worst we saw was some hail, torrential downpours, and very ominous clouds.

But two things probably happened to everyone: 1. Your parents probably checked in to see if you were okay 2. You realized you weren’t really so sure what you were supposed to do if a tornado actually happened. We’d all like to be more prepared next time, so we put together a list of a few things you should know.

Monitor the Strom

Keep track of the weather conditions on the radio, TV, or online. This will help you learn locations of storms and when weather advisories have been lifted.

Get Somewhere Safe

Experts say it’s best to get below ground, or if that’s not possible, the innermost room or hallway on the lowest level. It’s also essential to stay as far away from windows as possible since the glass can shatter and break. Don’t leave your home and try to drive away from a tornado. Their paths can shift without warning. You’ll also want to avoid being in a mobile home.

If You’re on the Road

The Government of Canada recommends finding the nearest solid structure. If that’s not possible, get out of and away from your car and get to a low-lying area like a ditch. But since this area is lower, beware of flooding and be prepared to move.

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