Posted on August 02, 2016
3 Apps to Help with Insurance

Make these apps work overtime by using them to help out with insurance (guarantee you have all 3 on your phone right now). 

1. Calendar

You’ve probably got important birthdays and holidays in your phone’s calendar, but you may have overlooked a crucial anniversary: your insurance renewal date. Who could forget making that important commitment to love, honor, and make monthly payments for the next year?  

30 days before your policy term is up is the perfect time to speak to your broker about your options. A lot can change in a year, both in insurance and in your life. Now is your opportunity to see if there’s a home, auto, or other policy that is better tailored to your needs and budget. Set a reminder in your phone so you can talk to your Insurance Jack broker about finding the best price for the coverage you need. 

2. Camera

When an insurance-related claim happens, people can get caught up in dealing with the issue and getting the claim started. Of course you want to start your claim as soon as possible, but when an incident happens, it’s your best opportunity to document it, so try to take pictures (as long as you can do so safely). These photos can be important in making your claim with your insurance company. Don’t forget to back up those photos. 

3. Browser

The Insurance Jack website is responsive, which means we’ve made it easy to use on your phone and tablet. With just a few taps and a tiny bit of typing, you can compare quotes while you’re binge watching the latest Netflix original series. From there, you can learn more about each insurance company and email an Insurance Jack broker about a specific rate. 

Feeling old fashioned? Use your phone app to talk to an Insurance Jack broker today at 1-888-2680-2408

What’s your favourite unexpected way to use preinstalled apps?

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